Ready-to-render Interior scene for FStorm Render



Complete, ready-to-render scene. Use it to study the render setup, or furnish it however you want and play with making your own high quality images.

Package contains a few reallt high detail models, a custom made HDRI and a look-up table.

Below you can see renders of this scene, and further down are also furnished versions of this scene (from the scandinavian interior tutorial).

Note: the furnished version is not included.


High quality contents included:

  • Floor and wall textures/shaders

  • Very detailed window

  • Pholc - Tage pendant lamp

(with some modification)

  • Water radiator

  • Kitchen sink and tap

  • Oven and cooktop

  • Exterior building facade (lowpoly) and balcony rail

  • Electrical outlets, cable clamps, ventilation etc

  • Custom HDRI (Johannes L - May 1357 Sun Experimental)

  • Look-up Table (Johannes L - Scandinavian)



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