3Ds Max + FStorm Render

Complete interior tutorial using 3Ds Max and FStorm Render, nearly 20 hours of recorded video covering everything from start to finish.

This tutorial is recorded using FStorm, but with descent knowledge you can easily follow this with any other renderer as the techniques I use are not in any way unique for FStorm.




This is a bundle containing:


I mostly just want to say thank you for the content. It’s hard to find really good in depth tutorials about ArchViz, as most people just show points A and Z, and skip all the in between. I enjoyed seeing you troubleshoot, because that seems to be where I learned a lot especially.
— Jonathan N
Awesome Job! I didn’t had yet the time to watch all the videos, but i’ve already learned a lot. Thank you for sharing. A pleasure to be your supporter
— Paulo M
Thanks Johannes. The whole series has been great. I’ve learnt some new things to add to my workflow. I greatly appreciate what you have put together here.
— Chris T


Covered topics


  • Interior design and propping

  • Asset management (model bank)

  • Plugins

  • etc...

General modeling:

  • The room

  • Floor

  • Kitchen

  • Facade for exterior view

  • etc...


  • Simple but powerful custom MaxScripts to help our workflow.

Detail modeling:

  • Oven

  • Clamped cables, cords etc.

  • Realistic glass

  • GrowFX: Modeling and shading a plant

  • Marvelous designer: Modeling and simulation of a plaid with tassels, using MD and 3DsMax "Morpher"

  • etc...


  • Proper glass shaders, glass isn't as simple as it sounds

  • Proper leaf shaders and custom displacement creation

  • Anisotropic metals

  • etc...




  • Marvelous Designer

  • Physics simulation done properly with MassFX

Lighting and composition:

  • Two different kinds of lighting using HDRI's

  • Some compositional rules

  • etc...


  • Rendertime optimization in FStorm

  • Memory optimization in FStorm

  • etc...

Post production:

  • Retouching the images in both Affinity and Photoshop


And probably something more :-)


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Total download size >12GB

Note: This tutorial was originally made specifically for Patreon. In the videos I might talk about things reagarding Patreon that is not applicable in this course.